Strategy of Arabic Language and Literature Department

3/4/2015 11:18 AM
The vision
The vision of this program is based on the idea that Arabic language is considered the corner stone of Arab identity. It is the repertoire incubating the culture, intellectuality and Arab heritage. In the age of globalization where languages are under threat, the need has become essential to pay great attention to this language.
3/4/2015 11:20 AM
The Message
The message of this program is to serve Arabic language through keeping it close to its native users, which reinforces their national belonging and helps them feel proud of their great language and heritage. Adding to that, the program seeks to link the language with updated knowledge through interacting with the other and spreading Arabic and its culture worldwide.
3/4/2015 11:50 AM
- Enabling students to master Arabic in all its uses - Enabling students to get familiar with the grammar of Arabic language - Making students get close to models of modern and ancient Arabic literary innovations in their different facets (poetry, narration) in order to sense their aesthetic features. - Encouraging students to invest their knowledge of the grammatical system of the language in the different genres - Increasing the sense of appreciation of this language, its literature, and its heritage in the minds of students - Contributing to preparing students to prospective future in the fields of teaching, media, scientific research, and proofreading - Caring about the students' trends, and talents and developing their potentials in investing their knowledge of Arabic language and its literature in different fields of creativity

Faculty of Languages - Aqaba
Department of Arabic Language and Literature
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