Department of French and English Languages (Double Major Program)
The Department of French and English Languages at the University of Jordan/ Aqaba was established in 2014 with the aim of graduating bilingual and bicultural scholars, tourist guides, translators and teachers who can speak fluent English and French. Most of our students begin to study French only at the university level. The department teaching staff got their PH.D degrees from the highly reputable French, American and British universities. The program aims to acquaint students with the French, British and American cultures and civilizations which have had and still have great influence on world cultures. The program seeks to achieve a distinguished academic position in the light of the local and international accreditation and quality assurance standards. The program also aims to strengthen ties with the local community and serve it thus contributing to the sustainable development of society. The department’s study plan consists of 132 credit hours covering the basic skills of the two languages and literature, linguistics and translation. The department strives to cement academic relationships with French, British and American institutions in France, the U.S.A and the UK with a view to helping graduates get scholarships, language residencies in the foreign countries and careers.
Currently, the Department consists of 2 staff members whose academic ranks  are assistant professors.  The Department teaching staff got their postgraduate degrees from the most distinguished French universities .The number of students in the Department is 73.

Department of French language and literature
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