The establishment of the Faculty of Languages and its other sister faculties on the UJ’s Aqaba campus in September ,2009 came as a prompt response to the profound vision and Royal directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II aiming at transforming the Aqaba special Economic Zone into an outstanding international and regional center of investment and tourism. The Faculty of Languages at UJ has always been UJ’s window to the world because of UJ’s strong belief that languages are the key for cross-cultural understanding and progress. The immediate purpose of the FL is providing the growing Aqaba work market with highly qualified cadres in languages needed for administrating the advancement of Aqaba in different fields and on various levels. An international city needs the cadres that can interact on an international level. The Faculty of Languages started with two departments: the Department of English Language and Literature as well as the Department of French Language and Literature. The Faculty offers education to about (300) undergraduate students: • B.A program in English Language and Literature: including (170) students. • B.A program in French Language and Literature: including (130) students. Currently, the Faculty has (7) staff members holding Ph.D. degrees and (5) holding Master’s degrees. The Faculty plans to set up a new department (Department of Foreign Languages) next academic year. This Department will include two joint B. A programs: • Language and Literature : Spanish / English • Language and Literature : French / English These programs will be taught by specialists graduating from the most renowned European universities. The Faculty also offers courses in basic skills for both Arabic and English languages. It, moreover, offers other human courses under the umbrella of selective or obligatory ones. Inspired by UJ’s philosophy in forging ties and building bridges with the local community and seeking to contribute to further development of it, the Faculty started setting up courses in foreign languages for people in Aqaba and its surroundings. These courses include English, Spanish, and French languages, Arabic for Speakers of Other Languages as well as TOEFL courses. Moreover, the Faculty signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Tourism aiming at holding training courses for tourist guides. In the long run, the Faculty aspires to widen its spheres by teaching non- European languages, placing a lot of importance on translation as well as making and exporting educational curricula on foreign languages.

Faculty of Languages - Aqaba


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